I am going for a short trip to Morocco…


…so I have to leave my tulips. But before I go –

P1020783_copya photo to remember by.

I wish you all a lovely weekend!


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  1. Welcome, home!!!!! Can’t wait to hear how Marrocco was for you. So excited over my Christmas in Marrakesh. Love the sharpness, colors and the beauty you have managed to capture here.

    • Viveka – you will love it. I came back tonight – and I can honestly say that I have seldom had such good food as in Marrakesh. Not many meals I had there, because we traveled around in the country, but Gorgeous! Spicy Tagine –

  2. The colours are just perfect Ann Christine ! Look forward to your photos from this trip , somewhere I’ve had a fancy to visit 🙂 Enjoy !

    • Exotic it was, thank you, Mary. The trip was a bit too short though…There were these uforgettable places where i would have liked to stay for a couple of days more. But on the other hand, there always are –

  3. Such a sharp shot of your tulip, Leya. It looks a bit droopy…perhaps it is sad to see you leave it for a while 😀 Enjoy your trip to Morroco. Take lots of photos, but more importantly, enjoy the sights, sounds, people and places. Safe travels and best wishes 🙂

    • Thank you, Mabel – just back tonight. I really had a great trip – full up with new experiences! Hopefully some good shots as well – but I will know in a couple of days…

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