Thursday Thoughts – by Totti

Today I have been thinking…

…that maybe I should tell you about My day in the forest! This was the start. Early, early, before the sunrise, we drove to the big forest far away. As you could see above, we had a glorius morning with many interesting sounds and smells. My nose was at work from the very start…

And then, after a couple of hours, suddenly my mistress stopped still and told me to be quiet…Somehow (sorry to say) she had noticed this deer coming down from a hill on the left side…before I did. The wind must have come from the wrong direction – I have no other explanation…

Anyhow, she was gone with the wind as soon as my mistress pressed the button…

When we turned left and followed the path back towards the car, we noticed a host of daffodils in the middle of the forest.  I was still deeply pondering my unhappy mistake before, and kindly let my mistress lie on the ground for some crazy photos…of daffodils…

…and me. I hope you enjoyed this short story of my day!



21 comments on “Thursday Thoughts – by Totti

  1. What a beautiful outing… being surrounded by nature is just priceless. I love the photographs and your retelling as well… the daffodils in the middle of the forest, reminded me of a great poem by William Wordsworth called `I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud´… I will add the link for you to read it in case you haven´t done so…
    Sending love and all my best wishes. Aquileana ⭐️.-

    • Thank you, Aquileana! Wordsworth´s poem is one of my absolute favourites. I have made a little sketched strip about it I use to show my students. Thank you for reminding me!

  2. Thanks for bringing me along …. what an amazing day you have given me, Totti. And that person with the camera is pretty good on handling it. We were in really good company. *smile

  3. Ah, Totti, you handsome boy! Thank you very much for my virtual walk in your beautiful faraway forest….it looks very enticing. And do say thank you to your mistress for her lovely photographs…..

  4. Totti – hang in there – this trainin’ humans is rough stuff! Just ask my friend, Oakely – 🙂 But you are a writer and, great editor for assigning pics to illustrate your tale – 🙂

  5. A pleasure to meet you, Totti! You look so very handsome in the photo! Your mum is good with the camera. Forget about that little oversight … there will be others 🙂

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