WPC: Future

Future – if we have one. A difficult topic. I choose to talk about the nearest future. What I know will happen in my garden and in my forest, in a week or two.




28 comments on “WPC: Future

  1. This is what I’m longing for every year … and my longing is hard and tough, but this year .. it has come early _ The Spring!!! Thanks for sharing. Haven’t pick any wood anemones yet … but the magnolia is now blooming.

    • Viveka, my magnolia is coming along as well. Hopefully not too fast now…I saw in the weather report it’s getting colder and even frost in the night.

      • They have turned of the heating for the season and I have been cold every evening. The wind is bitterly cold. But the magnolia is blooming here too now. The parks are so beautiful just now.

  2. The future..wait, it’s present… the future will be…durnit.. it’s NOW again! Yup, excellent take on the topic! 🙂 Soon, it will be lilac time here – I’m watching the buds form, and hoping no late storms steal them away – for if I Blink – they were buds yesterday – bloomed while I was distracted and I end up missing it all – – till next year – – 🙂

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