WPC: Landscape


For this week’s challenge, Cheri wants us to share a photo of a landscape: a wide establishing shot of a scene in nature or an urban setting.

This is the Flüela Pass in Switzerland. Summer morning, crystal clear, not a wind. Breathe!

For more of landscapes, click here.

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    • Hi and thank you for a very cool comment! I agree, the perspective is spectacular when you see those people fishing. Hope you will have a great trip over there!

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  3. Wow, Ann Marie, this is marvelous. The angle of the mountains (and the reflection) is unusual and having the people in the shot gives perspective to the size. Nicely done!


    • Thank you, Lena, it really was. The funny thing about it also, was that we returned the same way back to our hotel. In the evening there was no reflection and the whole scenery went flat…Imagine how lucky we were to have stopped there in the morning light instead!

  4. Found your blog through Pike @ ArtKorppii II, she commented on your landscapes and I was curious. What a wonderful eye you have. This landscape reminds me so much of the Sierra Nevada in California. The reflection is marvelous and with the people admiring the view from the waters edge it adds a wonderful scale as well. I’ll look forward to seeing more of your wonderful work. Thank you for sharing.

    • Carrie, I thank you from my heart for such a lovely comment! I have never been to Nevada, but if it is anything like Switzerland, it is magnificent!

      • 🙂 Nevada is not like Switzerland, sad to say. But, there is a mountain range between Nevada and California, called the Sierra Nevada Range that is spectacular. It is home to the tallest mountain (Mount Whitney) in the lower 48 states. I love it there.

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