Seven Day Nature Photo, Day Four – Morning Walk

I have been nominated by my friend Sue, at WordsVisual, to take part in a challenge of a photo per day for seven days, of anything from the natural world. And every day I should nominate a new member.


Today I would like to nominate my blogging friend Callum, studying at the University of Bangor in North Wales, Studentinsnowdonia, to take part in the 7-day Nature Photo Challenge. He takes the most beautiful series of photos on his hikes in Wales and I would love to see what he might come up with for this challenge….. It’s OK, I understand if you should be far too busy for this, Callum!


21 reaktioner på ”Seven Day Nature Photo, Day Four – Morning Walk

  1. Thank you Leya for the nomination, I look forward to taking part n this though it may be a while since I’m working on my Alphabet challenge and uni work at the moment. I’m loving each and every one of your nature photos

    • I knew you were on the Alphabet…but took a chance as i love your hikings and photos. Thank you for a lovely comment – and you are welcome any time!

  2. This is such an enjoyable challenge and a chance to see a variety of natural beauties, as in your photo. The biggest problem is finding someone to nominate who isn’t already doing the challenge. 🙂


    • I love it too – a truly fun challenge where I feel I have much to choose from. You too, and many more love it- but, as you say, who am I going to invite next?

  3. love how you captured the curve and the clouds coming in for a closer look -envy you such views Leya!

    • Thank you…I do not have them close enough, I think! I envy those who can go for a walk here every day. On the other hand, I have my forest…

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