Seven Day Nature Photo, Day Two -Head Over Heels


I have been nominated by my friend Sue, at WordsVisual, to take part in a challenge of a photo per day for seven days, of anything from the natural world. And every day I should nominate a new member.

Falkenberg spa 187_copy

We are on the same beach as in the last post – not fast moving…but too fast for me. I tripped over the debris lying around here (As this is a Nature Reserve, nothing is to be moved) and went heavily down in the sand. Groan. Must have been fun for anyone looking…but I was alone. My right hand high up in the air, holding the camera – trying to save it from a sand burial.

All went well, but I just had to take a shot at the one who landed here before me…

Today I would like to nominate my blogging friend Pike at artkorppi to take part in the 7-day Nature Photo Challenge. She takes wonderful photos from the natural world and has a keen artistic eye, go to to see her sketchbook as well. I would love to see what she might come up with for this challenge….. No problem if you are far too busy for this, Pike!!

26 reaktioner på ”Seven Day Nature Photo, Day Two -Head Over Heels

  1. Surely, SURELY, they don’t make you replace the grains of sand you displaced when you tripped?!? LOL – Grand pic (glad you didn’t break a leg/hip in capturing it! )

  2. Now, you are a slow mover? 😉 I guess Tottie is getting tired waiting of you sometimes? Just kidding. A lot of drift wood on the shore, i guess it is a really nice place in the summer.

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