Thursday Thoughts about Den Blå Planet, Denmark

Living in a bubble…Usually I am happy to live in My Own Bubble, my little world where I can shut out all the wars and disasters in this world and focus on the good things in life.

Den Blå Planet 370_copy

Sometimes I am happy that others live in their bubble and I can watch them, enjoy their beauty…from a safe distance.

Den Blå Planet 371_copy

Bubbles are useful, aren’t they?



24 reaktioner på ”Thursday Thoughts about Den Blå Planet, Denmark

    • Trump is a joke over here…a dangerous joke. In fact I believe Swedes discuss him every day – or rather how it is possible for a man like that to reach the position he already has…We do hope people can pull themselves together and realise just how crazy the situation is. I think more than you over there must be very concerned about this.
      I read that more than one celebrity have said they are ready to move out…

      • Yes, it’s scary. I’ll never understand it. The same people who gave us George Bush obviously didn’t learn any lessons from that huge mistake, now they want to give us someone even worse. Hopefully Hillary Clinton can beat him, but a lot of people don’t like her. She’s been unjustifiably vilified for a long time, which gives Trump a path to victory. I’m embarrassed by how dumb my country can be sometimes. Hard to imagine that we could go from a very good man in Obama to Trump. Unthinkable. I think too many people spend their lives watching dumb ”reality” TV shows, so they don’t think about the consequences of voting for a star from a reality TV show.

      • Maybe you are right. Over here we very much liked Obama – as you say this Trump is unthinkable. And he and Putin together could bring on great disaster to the world…Putin is already doing it. We set all our hope to Hillary. She is skilled and well educated and would surely be an able person for the task. Good luck…much of the world’s welfare depends on how you all vote over there…

  1. Väldigt vackert, och tänkvärt. Det är en hårfin balansgång mellan att stanna i den trygga, positiva bubbla som vi själva skapat, och samtidigt vara en levande del av resten av samhället. En av de mest intressanta utmaningarna, om du frågar mig 🙂

    • En stor utmaning, ja, och intressant. Det är lätt att stanna antingen i den ena eller den andra ”bubblan”. Själv är jag beroende av att kunna dra mig tillbaka i min egen värld …eftersom det är ”all in” som gäller i mitt arbete som lärare. Tack för en bra kommentar!

  2. I agree and disagree. The bubble is a great thing when the world around becomes too possesive and too sad. It is nice to hide in there from time to time. At the same time I can see the danger of hiding in there, forgetting those in need and building up a wall between ”we and them”.

    • I agree with your thoughts, Lena. Unfortunately your last scenery happens to some of us. For myself, the bubble is essential in order to survive. When I work, I go all in, and I support and help some elderly people outside my job as well. I need a soft and safe place to retire…I believe we all do.
      In this post there is a possibility to find two separate bubbles, one psychological bubble and one physical bubble. I do not want to swim with pirhanas and other dangerous fish – they are kept safely in their own bubble…still being beautiful …

  3. These are interesting images. Especially that shark image up there. I am not quite sure what I’m looking at and that’s the fun of it. As for bubbles? Well in this case, I’m not sure!

    • When talking about bubbles…I mostly refer to the dangerous, but beautiful fish in the photos. I’m glad I do not have to be in the water together with the pirhana gang above or the shark or the mantas and stingrays…
      Glad you enjoyed the post! Have a great weekend – hugs.

  4. I believe, Leya, that if we can’t contribute and ‘make better’ a negative situation we must not ‘add’ to the negative by allowing ourselves to become involved in it. Better to go our own way, contributing positivity rather than its opposite.
    I love your images… 🙂

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