SL-WEEK 36: Women


Sylvain Landry – Women. International Women’s Day.

In the header – The old and the new China.


Young Chinese girl of today

Rome – a connecting nun.

My mother, here 79 years old. Still hiking, still curiously looking forward to things…

A woman – not passé even if she is ageing.

43 reaktioner på ”SL-WEEK 36: Women

  1. A beautiful post Ann-Christine! I was just thinking about that young girl the other day, she is on my list once I begin portraits – wonderful shots of each. Your Mom could pass as a 60 year old, wow she is in good shape!

    • Mary – I was just thinking about you when posting that young girl again. I’m so looking forward to the results of your work with her! My mother will be very proud and grateful when I tell her what you wrote…

      • Thanks Ann-Christine. I’ve seen in my minds-eye what the scene will look like, so I’m hoping when I work the charcoal it at least compliments the amazing shot of yours. Your Mother has a wonderful spirit, as seen in her eyes. Have a great weekend!

    • Thank you for commenting, Otto – you make me happy. What I am writing now has no connection to you – get me right there, I just have to recommend this writer – and you might have heard about her. Another strong woman!
      Do you know Ann Heberlein – a Swedish doctor in ethics and theology who lectures and writes books on life, death, God, good and evil? She also writes debate articles in our newspaper (she is from Skåne, and like me, went to Lund University). Today’s article was about the concept of ”mansplaining” (Rebecka Solnit). About the fact that men often are explaining things to us women that we already know and are experts on. For example a woman expert on Hegel gets a lecture from her neighbour at the dinner – about Hegel, because this man has read an article about a book about Hegel…Or the woman car mechanic who gets a lecture on how to change tyres from a random man, or…Anyhow, Heberlein and every woman knows this…and we cope with it because we are raised to be polite.
      Sorry about my ranting here, but I just read this article and loved it. Thought it might fit into March 8…The thing is Heberlein’s final advice: Total ignorance of mansplaining: ”Femignore”.
      She is just brilliant.
      And strong.

      • It sounds like a great use of concepts—and of course and more importantly the understanding of them, that is mansplaining and femignore. I think all—or almost all—of my sex has definitely been guilty of the first, myself included. I have heard about Ann Heberlein, but don’t really know anything about her. Maybe time to check out some of her books. 🙂

      • ‘I don’t want to die, I just don’t want to live’ and ‘En liten bok om ondska’. These two I enjoyed reading, but the best thing is to listen to her lecturing. Very precise and accurate.

        I also believe most men have done this once or twice…but there are women doing it as well – towards women. that is one of the reasons why there should be people of both sexes working together. Once I worked in a heavily male dominant job – but I rather enjoyed it. Working with only women I always found impossible because of intrigues and more…Hopefully things are changing among younger generations.
        Thank you for commenting again – much appreciated.

    • Thank you, Franceska! They were beautiful girls and sang beautifully too. It was a marriage ritual song, sung in a little village climbing the mountains by the Yangtse- River.

  2. This is such a beautiful post telling the stories of women, their strength, softness, beauty, and intelligence! Thank you, Leya!

  3. A lovely selection! My mother was a wonderful role model and my father too. I grew up thinking it was normal for men and women to share finances, child care, and household work, and for both to have work they enjoyed. On International Women’s Day I celebrate both of them. 🙂

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