The Lark has Arrived –

They say the lark has arrived in Skåne – the southernmost landscape of Sweden. That is where I live, but I have not heard her yet…Every year they come early, trying to be the first ones to find a place to nest…and every year some of them will die – when winter will not let go. Nesting on the ground is dangerous in any case.

That is the way life works. You have to be brave and take risks in order to succeed. Migrating birds, people who have to leave their home countries in order to survive. But we all have to face this – maybe not risking our lives…but still.

And Winter has not loosened his grip, yet. We are patiently waiting…all except Totti. This is his season, his temperature, his joy. Lagotto Romagnolos do not come with a zip…

Fototisdag vid Väresjön och Hovdala 130_copy1


19 comments on “The Lark has Arrived –

  1. Looks like it’ll be a very early Spring … We take risks, big or small, we make choices — but sometimes it seems the choices were made for us.

    It’s a beautiful photo! In my life, I’ve spent two days in Skåne. Hope to go back one day … I want to re-visit Ales Stenar.

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