Thursday Thoughts


Today he would have been 60 years old – my greatest Swedish teenage idol, Ted Gärdestad. 15 years old he wrote his first great hit and then he became a huge teenage idol in Sweden. Producers for his first album – Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson from ABBA.


He decided to end his life when he was only 41.

Ted, you will live for ever in our hearts.




11 comments on “Thursday Thoughts

    • He recorded songs almost all his life – with interruptions. He was a young man seeking meaning in life. If I remember it right he went into a sect too, in the US, and believed in what he was doing…Then, after some years, the leader (I think he was called Bhagwan) fled the country with all the money collected…Ted lost his confidence and his self there…I think. When he returned to Sweden he could never be this happy, smiling boy again.
      He was such a talented young man, and his brother wrote all those philosophical, deap texts that I loved. About Life and the conditions we live under. He was such an example of a seeking naive youth turning into a man the hard way…and not coping with it. He was so sensitive…I can relate to that. Always could.

      • Your intuition is right, of course, he was a gentle and thinking person – very sensitive. Wanting to celebrate life, loved practical jokes – and all the young girls adored him.

  1. So much bad stuff comes with success. So extremely sad he couldn’t find any other way out. «Himlen var oskyldigt blå» is my absolute favourite of all his beautiful songs.

    • It is very much played at funerals for young people here. My best friend’s son died in a car accident, only 19. Ted’s tune brought us all into tears again. It is very beautiful. And his brother’s texts are wonderful.

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