Thursday Thoughts

Marie Ledin, managing director of the Polar Music Prize, says: ”Max Martin and Cecilia Bartoli have both contributed an incredible amount to music in their respective fields. They embody what the Prize represents; excellence in the world of music.”

Sometimes…(despite everything…) I am very proud of my country, Sweden, and when it comes to music there might be a reason for it.

It does not come natural to Swedish people to be proud of their country – we always think of the shortcomings and the mistakes, and ”this could have been done in a better way”. But with music – I think we should be happy about our contributions to the world. Only a few names…Jenny Lind, Birgit Nilsson, Roxette, ABBA, Ace of Base, Avicii, Max Martin…

Congratulations to Max Martin, the great hit- maker, for being awarded the Polar Music Prize!


12 comments on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. I had no idea Max Martin was Swedish. That blow my mind. Wow, and to think that he produced and wrote a lot of the songs I listened to in the 90s as a kid. I think each country has their own unique brand of music. All music is beautiful 🙂

    • Almost all music is beautiful – in my ears! But then we all have preferences and difficulties with some kind of music…Maybe because our ears are not used to it. Nowadays I can listen to almost everything and feel good. Peking opera, though, I think I will never get used to…

  2. I haven’t heard them — will go and check them out when I’ve finished this.

    Before I moved away from there, 2004, I wasn’t very proud of my being Swedish. I was like most other Swedes … I liked to throw in some English word here and there … as if it was much COOLER to be American (!!!). Never reflected upon it. It took perhaps a year or two, living abroad … then I became extremely proud of my native Sweden. Hearing Roxette being played as background music in some grocery store could almost bring tears to my eyes LOL! NOW I appreciate all the little things I took for granted …

    There’s more to this, and I should have started it in Swedish and now it’s getting to be too long. I’ll just say that there’s something lacking in our identity — I don’t have any answers to why, could be the Law of Jante, never been occupied by foreign power for hundreds of years … I don’t know.

    • I think it is Jante…and maybe something more – I do not know either. But I think we should work on it. Being ashamed of being proud? Not good. But I think many people are afraid of showing their pride because other people might think you are bragging. And that is not good. How it is received depends on how you are saying/showing that you are proud, doesn’t it?

      • Jag kommer ihåg uttryck som «…men Gud, så SVENSKT!!!» med ett mycket negativt tonfall! Framför allt var det ofta i tiden runt EU-debatten, om vi skulle gå med eller inte. Det var nästan som ett fult ord, och det kunde gälla vad som helst; byta gardiner till Påsk eller nå’t annat trivialt. Också; runt den tiden sa man ofta «nere i ‹i›Europa‹/› … där gör man så och så».

        Att vara ”un-American” är väl ungefär bland det värsta man kan vara i Staterna, så det är ett stort gap mellan kontinenterna.

        Ja, visst beror det mycket på hur man säger saker, på grund av risken att bli betraktad som skrytmåns (Jante), och jag tror att just den delen av det hela börjar bli lite bättre. Yngre människor är nog inte längre så rädda för att tala om att de är bra på någonting. Men stoltheten över att vara svensk … den fattas.

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