Bodil Malmsten is dead

The much loved, Swedish poet and writer Bodil Malmsten is dead. Two hours ago I heard it on the news. She was in her seventies only and a brilliant thinker and poet. I cannot say how sad this day is – no more poems, books, subtle humour or new thoughts to look forward to. She had such a crisp and different look upon things…something we all needed. Many of us has got her last book by our beds today.

Media is filled with personal memories of her and people’s thoughts of what she has meant to them. She said herself she was not afraid of the big secret – what happens after death. She also said about her cancer: Why not me? Where many of us would think – Why me?

I guess I should not ask – Why you, Bodil. But I do.




13 comments on “Bodil Malmsten is dead

  1. Sorgligt. Jag såg det på min nyhets-app från SR. Köksstolarna hemma var formgivna av hennes farfar.
    Vad jag kan se hade jag bara läst en bok, men just nu hittade jag hennes blogg:

    Jag tycker det var bra sagt: ”Why not me?!” och jag tänker ofta i samma banor.

  2. How sad, Ann Christine. I have been living abroad for more than half of my life and I must admit, I had never heard of Bodil Malmsten. I just looked it up and find her work very interesting. What a comforting thought to have produced so much for generations to come to enjoy and also have inspired so many people.

    • Dina, you are so right. She has inspired so many people and her work will live for ever. Thank you. I do not know if there are any translations of her work either. Hopefully there is.

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