Thursday Thoughts

One of very few ”outdoor” days this week. No rain, and even a tiny drop of sun…

I went out to test my new Panasonic in nature. Totti rather liked it…and so did I.

What do you think?

Testbilder Vedema Ny kamera 047_copy

The rains have left high water levels everywhere.

Testbilder Vedema Ny kamera 066_copy

Still, easy to walk and no need for big boots – it has also been very windy this week.

Testbilder Vedema Ny kamera 067_copy

Many trees again…have fallen. Wet feet and wind – means difficulties to stand upright.

Testbilder Vedema Ny kamera 077_copy

Today’s hike was lovely though. and sometimes there seemed to be Spring in the air. Bird song and singing brooks.

Testbilder Vedema Ny kamera 088_copy

Much water to deal with for the trees…that is the only good thing with the wind now…


24 comments on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. The panasonic seems to be a good investment so far. I thought the same the other day I was out and about, strolling in my neighbourhoods. It smells spring already and the weather feels like it was april.

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