Thursday Thoughts

Kina och Tibet 2009 498

Empty nest

Tonight I feel a bit …empty too. Home alone and missing my youngsters terribly. This is the way life is, of course. Children are only borrowed… for a short time…but in reality 20 years or more. And that is a long time…Still, they will always be my children.

I look at this photo, and I see a happy family travelling Tibet with guides and a van. Excited, overwhelmed, happy, intrigued, mezmerised, sad, overjoyed, tired, headached, worried, thankful, grateful…

Of course everything in life is not always happy and easy – but luckily those things are the ones we remember first and most. Unless we think about our younger days in school…Many of us can never forget the occational wrongs from teachers – when you got unfair grades or worse.

I hope I have been fair. At least I tried hard to be.






17 comments on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. Sorry to hear you are feeling a bit down, Leya. It is hard to let go a lot of the time, especially those we love. I am sure your family is thinking about you all the time ❤

  2. Sorry you are feeling empty, A-C, hope your spirits lift soonish….. As you say, everything in life is not always happy or easy…..

  3. I guess we all think time is running way to fast when our children has grown out of our houses. Even though we know the will fly some day it is hard when they do. I mean we love them more than life itself… ♡

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