Land of Ice and Fire

On leaving Vik, the landscape slowly turned into even darker earth colours. A last glimpse of the church half way up in the mountains.

Island 2016 354_copy

Just around the mountain ridge, the landscape opened up to the sea again.

Island 2016 357_copy

A glacier river graced the crossroads. Mýrdalsjökull in low light.

Island 2016 359_copy

Arriving at Seljalandsfoss, Vestmannaeyar just sat in my lens…again.

The sun setting over the faraway islands, almost made me forget the Bride’s veil, Seljalandsfoss,  waiting for us on the mountain.

Fire on the left hand side – and ice on the other..

I do not understand how someone could have managed to get behind the falls this day – the icy path made us stay away from trying…But, as you can see, someone did.

I wonder what sort of shoes you must wear to manage this! Where is the path? This is the rail to the steps…

Windows capturing the last of the setting sun over Vestmannaeyar.

We slowly returned to Reykjavik, silent and very satisfied with this glorious day.

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      • 🙂 Really enjoyed the various scenes shown of Iceland and Greenland and Scandinavian areas the PBS documentary I watched on the Vikings – 🙂 I’m not even sure if I can find the right words to describe it – but ‘raw and real beauty’ come the closest – 🙂 Now, if only I were a photographer or artiste – I wouldn’t be grappling for a way to share the feelings of my heart when viewing such places – 🙂 But it’s okay, I have you to depend on to get it just right! 🙂

      • decided the words ”rugged” and ”pure” ought to be shoved in there somewhere, too – LOL – but have really enjoyed thinking about what words I’d put to it – as always – such quality time for me viewing your pics and sharing chats! You are much appreciated! 🙂

  2. It seems no amount of ice or lack of pathway will deter some people 😉 I found it challenging enough with just fall spray and muddy slipperiness Ann Christine !
    You really enjoyed this visit didn’t you … your photos bring out the dark beauty of Iceland beautifully 🙂

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