SL-WEEK 29: Snow

The challenge this week at Sylvain Landry, is Snow. Just returned from Iceland, naturally my entry will be some sturdy, Icelandic horses. 15 degrees below zero – they stand close together against the strong wind, awaiting the night fall.

Island 2016 685_copy



25 comments on “SL-WEEK 29: Snow

    • Yes, I have ridden several of these. Every time we went here in summer and also in Sweden, where we have many Icelandic horses. Tölt is …someting like a trot but faster and bumpier. No gallopp but a fast, even trot?

  1. I remember seeing a few horses in Iceland standing like that. Silly me, who is not used to the arctic lifestyle and ways of animals there, I didn’t realize that was the way they protected themselves from the wind.

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