Heading for South Iceland

As we only had a few days in Iceland, we wanted to show our friends a piece of Route No 1. Luckily we were blessed with a sunny day, even though the sun this time of the year only is up between 11 a.m and 4 p.m.

Island 2016 179_copy

We started off around 10 a.m to be on the road for the sunrise.

Island 2016 191_copy

And soon, the sky turned yellow and orange, revealing the hot springs steaming.

Island 2016 198_copy

On our right side, the sun was awakening, and I waited for the first rays to hit the mountains on our left side. A creamy lilac across the snowy white.

Island 2016 214_copy

Soon Hekla, the most famous volcano – and one of the most active ones (last eruption 2000) – crowned the wheaten landscape in all her glory. The farms still there below her snowcapped face.

Island 2016 224_copy1

Faraway at sea – a glimpse of Västmannaeyar with Heimey. We wanted to go there with our friends, but unfortunately the ferries took a longer route this time of the year. And I can still, vividly, remember how heavy the sea was last time we went. And, how sick I got from it…

These islands are otherwise well worth visiting. Maybe best in summer though. Puffins and other birds nesting, and you can still see the lava stream from the latest eruption burying houses and almost the harbour as well.

Island 2016 229_copy

Along the south coast, the road is straight and easy to drive. The beautiful low, golden light followed us throughout the journey.

Island 2016 247_copy

For today, we finish at Eyafjallajökull. Further along the road we will visit Seljalandsfoss and Skogafoss – and of course Vik, with its black beach and roaring waves.

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59 comments on “Heading for South Iceland

  1. Fantastic photo post, Ann-Christine! The colours in the sky are so very different at certain times of the day in Iceland, arent’ they? Your photos gave me an idea of what the countryside looks like when it is not covered in snow! So enjoing your posts on Iceland!

  2. Coming from the tropics, I find it so amazing to read that the sun comes up between 11am and 4pm during winter, and seeing your photo of the sky still dark at 10am – incredulous! 🙂 Thanks for sharing, so interesting…

    • You must be very interested! If you go to Iceland, be sure to go south and walk in the landscape of Njals saga. It’s breathtaking to think of what once happened here. At least many scientists believe the sagas to have some truth in them.

      • I think there is a lot of truth in the Sagas, it’s just that people didn’t record history like we do today, so a lot of people like to think there is not much truth the Sagas and other folklore. But while the old tales are told from one-sided perspectives, I think something similar really happened to make people want to pass on the stories and tell the tales.

      • I believe so too. In those days news travelled from mouth to mouth by travellers and story tellers. It’s just that scientists always want solid proof and evidence…don’t they. Unfortunately those who knew are since long dead.

      • True. We just had Icelandic fish and potato mash made with fresh cod for dinner. It’s kind of like clam chowder. We put it on spaghetti squash which turned out to be a really good mix of fish and potato mash and vegetable..

  3. Beautiful photos, Leya! Laurie has been studying Old Norse and modern Icelandic and is working on papers about the evolution of Old Norse into Icelandic. I have read all the books in Arnaldur Indridason’s ”Inspector Erander” series, so Iceland is high on our list of places to visit.

    • It is worth every visit. Interesting studies, then! I haven’t read those books, but some old Icelandic literature. Some of the Sagas and also from Eddan. I took some exams at university in Icelandic, but I have forgotten most of it – you have to keep it alive!

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