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Leaving for Iceland for some days – only near Reykjavik this time. We will be spending some bathing time with friends. I just realized it is 10 years since our last visit. Hopefully this will mean some good times.

Wish you all a great weekend!


43 comments on “Thursday Thoughts

    • I’m back tonight, pommepal! It is a photogenic place – tough on me, because we were there with friends only for 4 days, showing them around on the most popular route and above all – bathing in the healthy mineral hot pools. Not much time for photography…but of course I could sneak out a short sec if I managed to stop the car…Freezing cold now, but sooo beautiful. Never been there in Winter time before.

    • Thank you, Tahira! We had freezing cold but very good weather for three days – and that is more than expected from Iceland during this time of the year…

    • Thank you, Patti! I’m back today with new experiences and a soft and soothed body after all swimming and bathing. I really never thought I would go barefoot in the snow and 8 degrees below zero to bathe in 40 degrees hotpools. But we all did. And it was deliciously great!

    • Amanda…it was closed…I could hardly believe my eyes when I found it in a local Icelandic net paper…and that was the day before the trip. but we managed, and I found other interesting hot pools for our guests. Some photos too…

  1. Oh how lovely Ann Christine … I’m sure you will love the wintry landscape 🙂 I guess you’ll be enjoying those Blue Lagoon waters … I’ve not but I gather it’s a fabulous experience . Have a refreshing and chilled out time with your friends !

    • Thank you, Poppy! I’m back today – and had some beautiful four days in great company! The Blue Lagoon is a fabulous pool system, and I went there during summer time before. Now I had checked out some three or four other pools as well for our guests. Bathing in hot pools being a daily treat for Icelanders, this is a must for tourists. And what happens…the day before our departure, I go and read a local newspaper of theirs. The Blue Lagoon is closed! For two weeks! (First time since the 1990’s)I thought I had checked everything, but this essential piece of news did not reach any tourist site of course…The result was me sitting over the Internet the whole night to find something as close to this adventure as possible. And finally I did. The Secret Lagoon. My guests and me and my husband had some freezing, hot days!

    • I’m back this afternoon after a great four days – freezing but lovely. I totally went over the top and bathed in snow and hot pools outdoors – never thought I would really do that…But I recommend it! Our company followed my example and really enjoyed their time – I’m so glad they went along despite 8- and snow!

  2. This is such a lovely photo, Ann-Christine. Love the cloud cover. Have a good weekend and have a nice trip to Iceland. I have no doubt you will take plenty of photos 😀

    • Mabel, Iceland is a photogenic place…but this time we had to bathe much in the hot pools and guide another couple to the most famous places around Reykjavik. And…naturally I had to take some pictures as well!

    • Mmm, back today after some hot pools in snow. Freezing cold, but of course as beautiful as I remembered Iceland. This was my first time in Winter, but we were lucky to have three days out of four with no snow or rain. My photos will be on my computer tonight – hopefully some of them turned out well. Actually we were guiding some friends around the most famous pools and places, so not as many photos as I would have liked to take…

  3. Good for you! I’ve only spent eleven hours in Reykjavik during a very stormy day, but I was immediately drawn to this island and I always want to go back. Have been there many times, but only at the airport Keflavik. Looking forward to seeing your pictures …

    • …ah, mostly bathing with friends…but of course I managed to take some photos as well! And do follow your senses next time! Jump the plane and the trip or whatever…and enjoy this island of wonders!

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