A Better Year to Come

I hope the world will see a better year, 2016, with peace and love in heart and mind. And I hope for a joyous, Happy New Year to you and yours!

My last post this year, is from my walk in the forest today. Contemplating 2015 and what will come with the new year. The sun spilled its glory from an almost clear sky  – so – what better to do than spending the whole New Year’s Eve outdoors, hiking?

Vedema Nyårsafton 2015 103_copy

Vedema Nyårsafton 2015 014_copy

Freezing cold from the start…

Vedema Nyårsafton 2015 030_copy

…with the sun trying to reach over the tree tops.

Vedema Nyårsafton 2015 025_copy

Succeeding now and then – here from the south.

Vedema Nyårsafton 2015 020_copy

We had not walked here since the last great gale, and several times the path was totally covered in fallen trees.

Vedema Nyårsafton 2015 037_copy

The untouched parts were shimmering in the low, golden sun.

Vedema Nyårsafton 2015 049_copy

Some parts remained white and slippery, and my boys had to walk slowly not to fall into the mud.

Vedema Nyårsafton 2015 057_copy

Some of my favourite ice – in Sweden we call it håris (hair ice) – and if you look closely, you will understand why. (The header picture)

Vedema Nyårsafton 2015 088_copy

Heading home again, the sun setting and the real cold returning.

2016, we do not know what lies ahead of us, we can only hope, and work each one of us to make a better world for ourselves and for our fellow passengers on this planet.

Vedema Nyårsafton 2015 009_copy

The road may be uneven, slippery, narrow, filled with obstacles…but I want to believe there is a light shining us through. Safe travels!




15 comments on “A Better Year to Come

  1. Beautiful, thought provoking post, Ann Christine. I hope the New Year started well for you and yours.
    We share your hopes for the future!
    Dina, Klausbernd, Siri & Selma xxxx

  2. What a beautiful way to spend the day, and you’re so lucky, you got ice and sun together! I’m longing for both….and I just love that hair frost….it looks like a winter hedgehog just about to scurry off under the leaves!
    I also love and share your hopes for the whole world next year ✨💕✨

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