Top 6-10 of all posts 2015 – Is Your Own Favourite Here?

What did you like most on Leya during this year? I took a closer look at the statistics to find out the top 10 posts. Would they be My top 10 as well? I’m giving you one picture from each of these ten posts, and the link to the full post.

Analysis? Again four out of five posts are challenges from our host, WordPress. Post number 10 is a Travel theme from Ailsa at Where’s My Backpack? So, the importance of challenges is clearly visible.

It would be very interesting to know which is Your special favourite – and why? Let me know in the comment box! Maybe it’s not even one of these posts? And, what would you like to see more of in 2016?

Find Post 1-5 here


WPC: Shadowed

A freezing cold morning at the old bridge. This is clearly one of my own favourites.



WPC: Today Was a Good Day

Photos and text from a day in my life. In the evening a walk with one of my best friends.



WPC: Extraordinary

A Medieval dinner in Riga – one of the most appreciated meals in my restaurant history.



WPC: Transition

The old houses in Jurmala, a former holiday resort outside Riga.



Travel Theme: Trees

These trees live in ”my” forest. Always in a magical light – sometimes more, sometimes less. But they always mean Magic to me.



32 comments on “Top 6-10 of all posts 2015 – Is Your Own Favourite Here?

  1. They are all fabulous! Finding it hard to choose between ‘A medieval dinner’ and ‘trees’ 🙂 Wishing you a wonderful New Year all the way from Myanmar Ann Christine!

  2. Ciao Ann !
    For sure, my favourite of these is Today was a good day !
    For the shot, the colors (I love blue and sunset colors… ), the moment (also love to walk at sunset and ride with motorbike ! )
    Happy New Year !

  3. Your trees are magical indeed. ❤ Those I choose as my favorite, Ann-Christine. They speak of older times, of the past, and are a promise for the future.
    Hugs, have a magical new year.

  4. I loved the golden forest post Tina….but my favourite…which doesn’t feature in your readers top 10 was the post you wrote about your visit to Edinburgh 🙂 So lovely to meet you again in person this year Xx

    • Seonaid, I’m glad you chose that one! Now, these top 10 would not be my top 10 either. Maybe 60%, but, still interesting to see what people prefer! Hope you are all well and full of hope and expectaion when the New Year arrives!

  5. It ‘hard to choose, they are all nice and each one has its own story.
    Among them if I have to choose I prefer the 3, because it conveys the feeling of a blast from the past.
    Best regards dear Leya.

    • Thank you for telling me! That was a lovely day and I had a beautiful walk with my friend. The last photo was by the lake. I haven’t done anything in processing. It’s the original, natural photo. I’m glad you picked that one.

      • It is visible this on this photographers – the beautiful recapitulation of the day at the sunset, the beautiful colouring, the walk with the close person…
        The composition very balanced, quiet – had to this to be the Good Day.
        I selected this photograph, because it is in here a lot of positive feelings and emotions. This is THE STORY, and not only found nice detail or the beautiful landscape.
        Heartily I greet, Andrew 😀

      • thank you for your beautiful answer and explanation why, Andrew! I very much appreciate your choice and thoughts about it. I wish you a peaceful and joyous New Year.

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