2015 is Soon Coming To an End…

First of all, my deepest gratitude to all of you, followers, readers and commenters during 2015, and many of you for some years back too! I have got to know some of you rather well, and I have even met three of you  ”in the real world”. I love that feeling…So, if you are coming to the southern part of Sweden, I hope you will mail me or give me a call. As you know – I have taken a year off. You are so very welcome for a chat, a cup of tea or coffee. Maybe an outing together! If I am home of course, and not on a trip somewhere in the world…

What did you like most on Leya during this year? I took a closer look at the statistics to find out the top 10 posts. Would they be my top 10 as well? I’m giving you one picture from each of these ten posts, and the link to the full post. Only five at a time, so you will not get too tired…

Analysis? Out of these first five posts, four are WordPress Challenges, which of course tells us what we already know – the importance of challenges and the importance of our host! But, the fourth most liked post made my heart jump with an extra beat. About Mille. In this post I have put some of my favourite photos of my ”Iron Man” and I have tried to describe his wonderful character.

I will post the top 6-10 before New Year’s Eve. It would be very interesting to know which is Your special favourite – and why? Let me know in the comment box! Maybe it’s not even one of these posts? And, what would you like to see more of in 2016?


WPC: Change

From Bellinzona in Switzerland. This post was featured in ”Photos We Loved” by WPC

WPC: Happy Place

My most happy places – many positive comments on the golden forest

 v.44 2011 088

WPC: Victory

This post is about my decision to take a year off.

About Mille

How happy you made me by liking and commenting on my lovely Mille! He will never die!

 2010 061

WPC: Inspiration

The Swiss Alps – a place for meditation.

22 reaktioner på ”2015 is Soon Coming To an End…

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  2. Beautiful blog from you this year, both in words and photos. Millie is so cute, and now he is watching all over us. Best wishes for 2016. Would love to come pay you a visit. At any point if I do, I will be sure to let you know 🙂

  3. Always love a good mix up of life and places as one goes about daily life at home and away….plus little bits of local knowledge to go with the images…..looking forward to seeing what 2016 has in store for us all. Best wishes with hope for peaceful times to come for all

    • Thank you, David, I much appreciate your blog, your thoughts and your wonderful nature shots. I take it then that my mix is a rather agreeable one. Best wishes to you as well –

  4. I would so love to visit. 🙂 My favourite here is Mille. Just melts my heart. And then your happy place because it exemplifies the beautiful way you bring your special environment to us.

    • Thank you for letting me know! And how I would enjoy a visit from you – you cannot imagine.
      In fact we are discussing another trip to New Zealand…maybe 2017. Before we get too old for such a long flight. If we go…I will send you a mail and ask if I might see you?

  5. I loved the photos that show the nature or animals,   because I myself am passionate about nature.
    But I admit that I have no particular preferences, your photos are all beautiful!
    Regards, Patrizia

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