Thursday Thoughts

Thursday happened to be Christmas Eve. So this will be the story of a very special parcel…a present for my mother from her granddaughter.

Inför julafton 008_copy

This Origami flower ball took some time to make, but Emma is a skilled Origamist (she makes a crane from every small train ticket and leaves it for the conductor…).

Then she drew a picture puzzle on the parcel, for my mother to solve before she was allowed to open it. ( With some help of course!) And we all laughed throughout the entertaining process of figuring out the problem…

This Christmas present was the most loved one on Christmas Eve. Handmade, beautiful, and engaging its receiver for several minutes before revealing its content.

No money spent, but Love, Time and Interest. Sometimes that is just enough.

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10 comments on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. So original and creative ! These days it’s a pleasure to receive such gifts that have taken precious time to craft Ann Christine . Their faces tell it all 🙂

    • So true, not many gifts are made by hand when it comes to us westeners. From my trip to China this Autumn, I realized that even there, even in the countryside, they have difficulties in getting their young interested in the old crafts – such as silk embroidery for example.

  2. Enchanting. These sorts of gifts are the very best. How sweet that your daughter gives origami cranes to the conductor. My daughter liked to make origami cranes from chocolate wrappers.

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