4 Days to Go – Thursday Thoughts

Soon the winter solstice will be here. Much longed for, maybe more than ever this year. No snow – except for one single, great day – and many dark and drizzly days.

Here a series from one of the better days, this week in fact. Notice the play of warm and cold this time of the year.  Warm colours if you turn in the direction of the thin rays of the sun – and the cold colours or darkness if you turn towards the sun itself.

One of my favourite spots in ”my” forest, is the passage between two of the grass meadows to the west. Here, Mille used to stand waiting for me by the big oak tree.

Vintervandring december 052_copy

The other spot is on my way back from the open landscape to the forest path. The majestic beech trees all aglow with the last rays of the low sun. 2.30 pm.

Vintervandring december 104_copy











17 reaktioner på ”4 Days to Go – Thursday Thoughts

      • Yes, you are right. We hit 41’C yesterday, with high 30’C plus days before that and today. There have been fires in the regional areas. Quite bad early on in summer. I stayed at home for most of yesterday, then went out in the evening to soak up the air-conditioning in the shopping mall.

  1. We all have our favourite places for memories .. this is a lovely one Ann Christine . I see what you mean about the contrasts very clearly … glad I’m all snug looking at the frost . .. it’s all VERY beautiful though !

    • Sylvia, I’m glad you like them too! To me they are of course special because I practically ”live” in this forest. Isn’t that one of life’s greatest joys – finding new angles and discovering new details within things you already know so well?

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