Leaves of Life

There is an agreement. Something is signed in Paris. Many people are relieved.

I want to believe in the possibilities laid down in this piece of paper. But, most of all I am genuinely happy that the world wants to try, wants to unite, wants to have this agreement. And at Christmas time. In these days of war and terror.

I keep many of my plants in the cellar during winter time. Last weekend, Saturday, I went down to find a pot for a newly bought plant, and took a brief look at my ”hibernating” friends. Suddenly my eye was caught by something unusual.

In the dark corner I saw the tiny flowers, sitting on the tip of every leaf,  striving towards what little light there is down there.

Närbilder på planta 138_copy

I knew I had this Kalanchoe plant taken inside a little late this autumn- below ten degrees C is usually not good for any pot plant.

Never had I seen flowers on this one before, I felt touched and ran up the stairs again to look it up in my plant dictionary. And yes. It is like always in nature – when you are nearly dying, you see to it that your genes will live on. In order to flower, this plant must have a very cold period.

I brought the plant up in the kitchen to have a closer look at it. An ordinary Kalanchoe – in Sweden called ”Leaves of Life” because of its tiny babies on every leaf.

Nature’s wonder of course – the babies flowering!

And I could not help but seeing the parallell with us humans…the utmost darkness needed for us to wake up and do something. Flowering made possible from darkness and despair.

Let us believe the spark of hope ignited in Paris will help make the Earth a healthy and flourishing planet for generations to come.


23 comments on “Leaves of Life

  1. A very beautiful post Leya. I’m hopeful too. I believe this is the first time that nobody has backed out of the agreement, so that’s progress! And that’s a very nice name, Leaves of Life.

    • I’m glad you are hopeful too. As you say – it’s a progress, a first step. We all need this to cling to these days…
      How good of you to give such a lovely comment, thank you. It’s in my heart now.

  2. Fantastic photos. What a lovely discovery. And I echo your sentiment at the world’s countries finally realizing their children’s world is worth saving! This sends an important message to governments, like mine, that fail to take climate change seriously. There is hope this Christmas.

  3. Beautiful photos! And narrative. I know some are not happy with the agreement signed in Paris, as not enough, but we must take that first step to begin, and that now has been done.

  4. Fantastic photos. The closer and the more abstract you make the photos, the more interesting they become. And, yes, I think what happened in Paris gives reason for hope. We still have a long way ahead of us, but at least we all agree that something needs to be done.

  5. It is true that all these countries together for a better world, to protect our earth is a strong symbol… especially in this end of year ! Finding this emerging plant is also a symbol, and it reminds us where we come from and what we want for our children …
    I have high hopes…

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