WPC: Oops!


Well…this is by far my most oopsy picture ever – me doing food photography outdoors,  suddenly finding a cat literally IN my lens. I was so shocked, nearly dropped the camera, and the shot went off. Salmon must have been one of his favourites…

Looking for more oopsy pictures? – click here or join in yourself!

27 comments on “WPC: Oops!

      • For sure 😉 Reminds me of one night shortly after I had our first born. It was a long day and I was exhausted and hungry and my husband made dinner for us. I managed to put our baby to bed upstairs and we started eating at the coffee table in the living room. Then the baby cried and I went upstairs. My husband went to the kitchen. I swear that up to that day our dog had never stolen anything from the table ever. Never even got close to it. I guess he must have been jealous that day but when I came back downstairs he was just about to finish my dinner. That was my first (and almost last) baby blues meltdown 😉

      • Hehe…I’m sure you are so right there. Your dog felt the competition there and jealously went stealing from you. ”More attention I want!”

      • Yep. He was such a beautiful dog. That was the first and last time he did something like this. Afterwards he bonded deeply with our son. Inseparable until two years ago when we had to let our furry family member go…

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