Thursday Thoughts

My thoughts today are in Paris. Tomorrow is the last day of the Climate meeting, and an agreement MUST come. If there is no agreement signed – the Earth and mankind are as good as dead. All hope for the world gone. If the agreement is too weak – we are as good as dead anyway.

It should be very simple. In my own tiny sphere of the world, there is no snow anymore. Any living person in my neighbourhood can notice such simple facts. All the way up to the glaciers’ melting and the arctic areas dissolving, The polarbears starve and die. In fact they even drown because the ice is gone – it is from the ice they catch their food.

Don’t the leaders in the world have their own eyes…we really do not need any more research, any more scientists’ statements, anything…Just open our eyes and see –  that the beautiful world we once had is no more. Stop blaming El niño, stop blaming each other, stop thinking only of oil and money and …Start doing! NOW. TOGETHER. It is as simple as that.

We only have this one planet, Earth.  We have to save her. Don’t you think she is worth it?



20 comments on “Thursday Thoughts

    • Sweet Marion – ”…we keep messing all up” – indeed we do. I was happy for the world that there finally was something written and something being agreed upon. At least some willingness to agree. Let’s see where it all goes from there…

  1. Your concerns are mine too. It’s perplexing and terrifying at the ”head in the sand” and denial approach. In my opinion the health of our planet is the number one priority. Even as each of us do our part, it really will take a collective of the entire human population to keep our Mother Earth mothering.

    • Yes, we must all act, collectively, to save what is left. Because even if we strive to stop the global warming, it will take many years to really get the wanted effects of it.

  2. What a beautiful light for a so important message. From what I know: I don’t thing we need to be afraid for our planet… we ‘just’ need to be afraid for mankind and other species… But the earth will survive! and that’s a good news. But what do we want for mankind, what do we want for us and the next generations?

  3. Leya, for some positive news addressing your concerns about the ice caps and polar bears, check here: This is by: ”Dr Peiser, from the Global Warming Policy Foundation says that the poles are ”much more stable” than climate scientists once predicted and could even be much thicker than previously thought.” There’s also positive news about polar bears here.

    BTW, the light in your photo is marvelous.


    • Thank you for some positive thinking, Janet. But we still have to change our ways of life – it’s not sustainable and not a responsible way to handle what we were given. Our children deserve to get a clean and well kept place to live in.

      • I cannot see that we all have to do exactly the same thing and the same amount in the same way. Of course we are all different. But we must strive to change, set up goals and follow up. And it can’t be ”in ten years” or ”in twenty years”, because we are way too close to the point of no return. I follow reports and scientific research and results continuously and I have friends working with it as well. I read reports from nature photographers who have taken exact notes the last twenty years…and it is terrifyingly fast things are going worse now.

  4. Amen. You have said it all for me. I still look out at barren fields gone gray instead of green from rains that haven’t come. It is our 5th year of drough here in Calif. We plan to move on as it is too risky to continue to keep trying to farm without rain.

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