Thursday Thoughts

I went to my school tonight, to visit the yearly Open House event. I do not know what I had expected, I guess I did not want to expect anything… did not want to get disappointed.

But they were there, my dear collegues and my sweet students. Many hugs and many of the students expressing how I was greatly missed. Wondering how and what I was doing now, when I would come back and …me wondering about them. Just before the Christmas vacation it’s usually rather tough – especially the second year. And those who will be flying next spring…I promised to come and see them take off, they are already fully fledged.

Old students who left our school last spring and some who left us several years ago – they come back, visiting. Surely this is the very best school to study at…because, why else would so many students return this day – and even other days during the year?

We are a big family. So, how can I leave? On a day like this I just feel all that Love rushing through my veins…I do love them all. All of them.



15 comments on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. Your love shows in all your posts that you do about your students, they are very lucky in deed to have such a beautiful person touch their lives. A real sense of community in your writing Ann-Christine. Your photograph is stunning, and with the back lighting hard to take my eyes off it. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

    • Mary, now you really made my day..Thank you Very, Very much for this positive comment. You are genuinely kind and I am genuinely blushing…

  2. Wow. That’s wonderful that you feel that way [referring to last sentence]. Is it gymnasiet or högstadiet? I think it’s likewise wonderful there are people who want to become teachers, but I feel that way about many jobs LOL … all the jobs I couldn’t do myself 😀

    It’s been a very long time since I went to school [I’m 60], but I don’t remember any of the teachers being very involved or enthusiastic. We were a bunch of bored teenagers who just wanted to get out of there, so I’m in full understanding, in hindsight. Gymnasiet got to be different as that isn’t compulsory, but I didn’t go there. I screwed up so badly so I didn’t get in, and I never saw any SYO or whatever it’s called, when I filled out the application. That could have made all the difference, had I only known.

    • I’m your age about, and I agree with you – I do not remember any engagement from my teachers. Today it is different. Many of us are very engaged, and at the science program, where I work, we are all very engaged in our students and our work. I am a bit too engaged perhaps, which makes my work very heavy sometimes. When students have problems at home or/and in school – and there are always some in every class – we have to work on it together. If many students have problems, it can be too much to handle.

      So this is high school/gymnasiet. Today we have SYV (SYO before) for help, and also a specialist teacher to help more hands on. Sometimes I wish we had had all this when we went to school, but I guess there are even more difficulties and social problems today.

      • That sounds great, that things have improved. Normally I’d say that I don’t regret anything in my life because it’s such a waste of energy, regretting … you can’t rewind and erase. However … I do feel sad about not going for higher studies. That was the true waste, and I only blame myself. Had to go to that other school … the one of Hard Knocks, you know LOL. Learnt a lot there, but not formally 🙂

        My best friend back home, from when we were twelve, she became a teacher, so now she teaches people to become teachers 🙂

      • I agree there is no use in regretting things. You have learned other things instead. In fact I stopped going to Uni only 7 years ago. So, here in Sweden you can go on studying as long as you want to! Never too late. I love learning new things, and there are so many possibilities if you want to.

      • Yeah, that’s true, and you could do that here too … would just cost a little more money. But I mean, career-wise … my future is already in my past LOL

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