Snow and Mist – Magle Wetlands

I left Hovdala in the best of moods, heading for Magle, the water and the birds. I imagined the strong cold and the water would make some grand mist.

Hovdala och Magle soluppgång 109_copy

Driving down the narrow road I saw the sun throwing diamonds my way…

Hovdala och Magle soluppgång 155_copy

…so, I stopped to collect them…

Hovdala och Magle soluppgång 072_copy

…and I became very rich…

Hovdala och Magle soluppgång 130_copy

And, richer I would be, further along the road – at Magle.

Hovdala och Magle soluppgång 170_copy

The mist had risen from some parts of the ponds, but at the far end – it hadn’t yet. It took me some time to get there though, as only the footprints of one single person were there before mine.

Hovdala och Magle soluppgång 176_copy

I certainly was richly rewarded. As the sun slowly warmed up the air – unveiling the ducks, swans and cormorants. A heron gliding low in the mist.

Hovdala och Magle soluppgång 186_copy

The mute swans were showing off their beauty, while the ducks seemed busy just staying warm.

Hovdala och Magle soluppgång 200_copy

I was looking for the whooper swans, but they were not there. Following the path further on, I finally found them.

Hovdala och Magle soluppgång 206_copy

Three of them were balancing on the thin ice – while finishing their morning toilet.

Hovdala och Magle soluppgång 211_copy

The bench where I usually rest, birdwatching,  was not very useful today…

Hovdala och Magle soluppgång 214_copy

Looking back a last time, I realized this was the finest winter day this year. Hopefully there will be some more diamonds to collect this winter… I enjoy being rich.



28 comments on “Snow and Mist – Magle Wetlands

  1. Simply breathtakingly beautiful images, Ann Christine!!
    we are off to the Black Forest and Switzerland in a couple of minutes and I hope for lots of snow …

  2. So crisp and bright you’ve * almost got me wishing for a little of this at the moment Ann Christine ! Wonderful .Those whooper swans are magificent .

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