Winter – One single day…

So, Winter decided to pay us a visit – for one day. 40 cm snow yesterday night – rain again tomorrow…I keep an eye on the weather report at least three times a day, so I knew. Clear sky today and about 5-15 degrees below zero.

Hovdala och Magle soluppgång 014_copy

Starting out early for the sunrise – very cold. 15.5 degrees below zero.

Hovdala och Magle soluppgång 018_copy

I was alone up at Hovdala, and nobody had walked the path since the snow – so I got warmed up…

Hovdala och Magle soluppgång 032_copy

I was lucky to get white frost as well, and no wind.

Hovdala och Magle soluppgång 031_copy

On walking back I decided to take the road further on instead of the untrodden path. Now the soft, pink light arrived in full splendour.


After two hours, I was heading back to my car, even if I could have stayed longer, I was getting hungry…and my plan was to stop at the wetlands at Magle as well. It took me some 15 minutes and finally some help from a kind man (whatever he did driving out here in absolutely nowhere) to open the frozen door. Unfortunately I had locked it – which was a bad idea in this cold weather. (How unused to this am I…? No snow at all last year)

I went to Magle as well – and saw the fog rising from the water, the swans and ducks slowly floating in the shimmering water, and the frosty herons flying low.

This was a magnificent day, made possible by weather gods and my year off. I’ll save the shining  Magle post for a rainy day…



33 reaktioner på ”Winter – One single day…

  1. At least your snow cooperated and stayed around long enough for you to get some great shots…and the sun shone too, now that was a bonus! Our snow was gone within the hour. There is a weather threat that it may return this weekend…may being the key word.

    • I find it magical – just like you say. The transformation. I still get the feeling of serenity, have always felt that. I sometimes have nightmares about the snow not being white anymore. In Sweden – and I guess in many countries – we are very stressed about pollution and the climate changes. When I go to countries with glaciers and see it with my own eyes…it’s easy to feel helpless.

  2. So lovely. I especially love the frost crystals on the fence line. Just a beautiful image. There is something magical about how quiet the world is while it is snowing.

    • Yes, the snow brings a smile to our faces, doesn’t it! Hopefully there will be more snow this winter than the last one – when we had none. So – in fact this winter is already better than the previous one…

  3. så bra att du passade på! Och vackra bilder fick du med dig hem. Är Magle i dina hemkrokar? Eller är du norrut – det var ett nytt namn för mig. Här har vi frost och minus i tre dagar, sen blir det plus igen 😦

    • 😦 Det är trist att det varar så kort tid, men underbart att kunna ta tillvara det man får. Magle våtmark ligger 1.5 kilometer från där jag bor – mycket fint.

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