Travel theme: Camaraderie

Ailsa wants us to show camaraderie – and I agree that this is what we need to see and hear in the tough world of today.

When my daughter, Emma, turned 25 this autumn we all went to our closest outdoor exposition, held at Wanås Castle.

Walking behind them through the park and listening to their conversation (I had permission…) I felt the usual gratefulness of having these two fine youngsters around me.


From the start, she would set the pace and he would follow…

But today they are equals – only two years between them. They support each other through thick and thin, through darkness and light, and have never fought over anything. Sometimes they seem to be enveloped in their own world in subjects I know nothing about. But I do  hope – and believe – they will continue on this road of camaraderie.

Two friends for life – my beloved son and daughter.

13 reaktioner på ”Travel theme: Camaraderie

  1. Beautiful photos! It reminds me of me and my sister. We are also only two years apart in age, and I can’t think of a better friend. I posted a few photos for the Camaraderie and my sister had to be included!

    • Is it? I do not have that many to compare with. Sad, in that case…But maybe they had great fun with each other as kids – grown-up they always might develop in different directions.

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