Thursday Thoughts

I could have written about yesterday’s heightened terror alarm in my country; I could have written about the new article on restistant bacteria; I could have written about the war – in so many countries and places in the world. But I will not do that. We are full up.

I support people every day. I need positive energy. We all do. I want to listen to the children and the young. I read articles on people miraculously saved, people who are coming back to life, children who have this life energy despite the world.

Yesterday on TV (I seldom watch TV, but have done so now to follow the terror attacks abroad and the news from our government), there was this young boy, aged 9, whose hands and face had been badly burnt when he was 5. Now he had met his idol, a young singer who also had been severely burnt some years ago, in a train accident – Axel Schylström, 23.

The boy, whose name I do not remember as I came in late in the program, was interviewed on his thoughts about what had happened to him, and how he had tackled his fate. And, what did he think about meeting his idol and why was Axel his idol?

The boy was only 5 when this happened…and at first it was very difficult for him – face and hands badly burnt. Now, he says, he loves playing TV- and computer games with his friends and in fact life is rather good. He has been operated on several times, and luckily his eyes are working and he can use his hands. He is smiling. ”Sometimes people look at me, but I have got used to it”, he says. ”I think that if they wonder what has happened to me – they should ask!”

So, he met his idol, Axel, a singer on the rise, and told the reporter afterwards that you can do anything despite what has happened to you. Axel is a living example of that.

Calm and too early grown-up, this 9-year-old looks into the camera and says: ”You don’t change because of this, you know, inside you are the same guy.”

Bild: Daniel Ohlsson/TV4 , Axel Schylström



10 comments on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. What an inspiring story, Ann Christine. Yes, it really does our hearts good to focus on the positive stories. There is so much evil thrust at us on the news every day, but we have to remember that the good outweighs the bad in this world of ours. Thanks so much for sharing this. 🙂

    • That’s a good thing! I often feel grateful fo rnot being young anymore – today there are even more frightful obstacles to tackle…As a teacher i see many difficulties but also many wonderful, positive students who despite everything believe there is a brighter future ahead. I admire them. And, that must be one of the most essential human traits – otherwise there would be no people left on earth by now.

  2. Such a touching story, Leya. I am sure that boy is going to grow up and do big things. You are so kind to support people every day. Positivity is contagious; it gives us hope and the strength to go forwards when we are facing challenges. There really is a lot of bad in this world of late. It’s sad, but I hope one day we can all learn to see each other as equals and love each other. Positivity and love, that is a powerful combination for the better ❤

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