Travel theme: Faces

Faces tell you a great deal about the persons you meet – and the eyes reveal even more. I love the faces of old people – their wrinkled wisdom. To be a bit bitchy – where is the wisdom in those faces being fiercely operated on (to look younger…)?

For Ailsa’s theme, Faces, I have chosen two charming couples. I hope you like them as much as I do!

11 reaktioner på ”Travel theme: Faces

    • Me too. But this trip to China came with such bad weather conditions that I had to focus on other things. I’m too shy as well, but the Chinese are lovely and almost never say no. You just have to point at your camera and smile, a little bow and – they smile back and nod!

Halva verket är läsarens - så, vad säger Du? As the second half is the reader's - I'd love to have Your line!

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