The Impressive Cloisonné – An Intricate Work of Art

Cloisonné – copper and natural colours in splendid patterns. Cranes, lotus flowers, peonies, dragons and different trees are most popular.

Why not start with a 1.50 m. high urn,  featured in the movie Oceans 11? The neat price tag: 70 000 euro.

In China this technique dates back to the 14th C, and on visiting the factory, we could follow the work from simple copper vase or other object, through painting the pattern lines, gluing the tiny copper linings, painting with natural colours and then burning 7 times in 1000 degrees  – lastly three times polishing – to the final object ready for sale.

If you have got some left over money, you can buy these two. The urns are more than 2 metres high and the price tag is: 300 000 euros – each. We were told that last year a Russian guy bought another two.

12 reaktioner på ”The Impressive Cloisonné – An Intricate Work of Art

  1. *Gulp* on all counts Ann Christine . Steady hands and an eye for colour pre requisites for a job I imagine . Lovely photos as ever … I’m with you on the tiny tea pots 🙂

    • Yay for tiny tea pots! I admit feeling a little ping in my heart that I never brought one home…but I have realized I have too many things in my house already…

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