The Colours of China

I am very grateful that this was my fourth time in Beijing – the weather made the Great Wall almost invisible. The autumn colours – that’s what I had been waiting for, and they were there…somewhere in the fog and drizzle.

My last visit was an early morning some years ago, and the Great Wall emerged in all its splendour in the morning haze.

…this time

the most colourful things were all the umbrellas. It takes some imagination to see the colourful surroundings here, but on our way down, the fog decided to reveal some of its secrets.

A small glimpse of jewellery …

…before settling again.

This drizzle followed us and haunted us for many days – but I found other things than landscapes to shoot…and the one day on the Yangtse River with the most spectacular views…the sun came through. And not a wind.


14 comments on “The Colours of China

  1. Four times to China, Leya. Amazing. And I haven’t even been there before. Perhaps someday 🙂 Love how you enjoyed yourself despite the haze and soggy weather. Those autumnal photos are gorgeous. Hopefully it wasn’t too crowded for you 🙂

    • Hehe…it was too crowded for me. It’s getting worse every time I go. I visited two famous gardens, but nearly impossible to take pictures. As our guide said, you had to be ”pushy, pushy”. And frankly, that is not my style. Tre traffic was worse than ever – going 1 kilometre in the cities took more than one hour….As you say – I still managed to keep up my good spirits. And there are still some interesting photos and stories to tell…

      • Oh dear. I had no idea it was very crowded. From the looks of it from your photos, I would have guessed people were slow moving, which gave time for each of you to take a photo or two. Then again, being slow is one thing and being rude is another thing altogether….

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