WPC: Extraordinary

When in Riga, we dined at a unique, medieval restaurant named Rozengrals. Being the oldest in Riga it dates back to the 13th century. The food is genuinely medieval and cooked according to the original recipes. Everyone working there is accordingly dressed and the five big halls are all in candle light from the vaults.

So, from the outside, and the steps down into this cellar, it looked very ordinary – we thought there might be an exhibition or something down there…but it turned out to be something even more special! A restaurant.

Excellent food – the best in Riga – a truly extra(ordinary) place. To be recommended! (Click the link for more history and information, and the first part of the menu.)

Rozengrals heter den unika restaurangen. Det nämndes i skrift redan 1293 som festlokal för Rigas stadsstyre. Miljön är den äldsta i Riga, där rester av den första stadsmuren ingår. Det största rummet var ursprungligen en brunn. Det finns plats för hela 150 gäster samtidigt i fem salar. Allt känns väldigt äkta och genuint.

Rätterna är dokumenterat medeltida och tillagade enligt grundrecept. Jag tog rökt havsöringsfilé med fläder. Rätten serverades redan på 1000-talet vid det franska hovet.  Det var absolut en av våra bästa och mest originella måltider.

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34 comments on “WPC: Extraordinary

  1. This sorts of places are like time capsules, where if one uses their imagination we can get a sense of what it might have been like centuries ago. Thanks for posting!!! Really enjoyed this post.

    • About that, yes. Roast chicken bones in curry and cognac, and smoked salmon trout with elderberries. The first one popular with the clergy and priests and the second one often served in the upper classes already around the year 1000. Excellent wine too. The baked bread served in closed packages of sackcloth on the table. Absolutely delicious.

      • Um. Not what I expected. I was thinking roast beef! Chicken and salmon make more sense. I’d expect they’d be more plentiful and cheaper.

      • There was of course roast beef to be had…but I had the only fish dish there was. A French recipe. They used ordinary ingredients but the mix made them ”extra”. I’m glad it was not served like the Vikings had it…Tooooo much of everything and food for three days…

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