ONE THOUSAND – Thank yous all faithful followers!

I went to Denmark a couple of days and had a great weekend with my old childhood friends, celebrating my birthday. Late this evening I came home, and posted a couple of things from my stay these two days, and after that I opened my comment box to answer those who might have been visiting…And – it seems that, according to WordPress, last week I reached 1000 followers. ONE THOUSAND. Impossible to grasp!

My deepest gratitude to you, all readers and followers! I really don’t know how this is possible – and now a reality? And practically on my birthday!

I have been absent, I have been tired, I have been travelling…and you are still there, patiently waiting…THANK YOU – I hope you will go on enjoying my adventures whatever crazy things I might come up with!

Gratefully, Yours,



31 comments on “ONE THOUSAND – Thank yous all faithful followers!

    • Thank you so much – the main thing is people reading and telling me what they think. Now when I’m off my work for a year (or more) there will be changes made. More writing and less challenges to keep up with…Love the way you discuss things in your blog, and I think I will return to my original intentions. Hopefully people will stay anyway.
      Are you OK now?

      • I don’t think a blog always has to be the same; the themes can shift with our ideas and moods. I hope you will be able to feature some of your paintings one day.
        I am quite well. I was feeling a bit sad when I wrote my last post; realising that almost half my daughter’s life has been consumed by mental health problems. She says she is beginning to forget the happy memories because they happened so long ago. 😦

      • i’m glad to hear you are quite well – but I sensed something behind your words, and now I know what. I can only wish for her getting better and finding happiness again. In little things to start with. Mental health problems are growing in our society, and in Sweden it is still connected with a kind of …neglectance from other people. What can be cured is the bodily, physical illnesses…the mental problems are not understood in the same way. Here we have to not speak up about having such problems if we want to get a job and so on. Tragic. many young people here are having huge problems.

  1. What a milestone, Ann-Christine! Congratulations on so many followers. You really do post very beautiful photos, I really enjoy looking at them. I also like it when you post more reflective posts and posts with more words – equally entertaining. I know I said this in a previous comment, but Happy Birthday. Have fun on this special day and enjoy yourself 🙂

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