Nattens Prinsessa – The Princess of the Night

The Queen of the Night (Nattens drottning, Selenicereus grandiflorus) and The Princess of the Night (Nattens Princessa, Epiphyllum oxypetalum) are two species both flowering during night time. Both of them with big, white flowers emitting showers of exquisite scent. The flowers are almost identical, but the stems are different. 

My flower – the epiphyllum originates from Mexico.

Riga med omnejd 2015 927_copy

I was sent a leaf last year from my blogging friend Maria, at MariaYarri, and now, for some weeks, a giant bud was growing, fast, by the day…

We went to Riga for a couple of days, but I was constantly thinking about the fact that I might be missing out on this glorious event. But I was so lucky…

Yesterday we arrived home again – the bud was rising and now measuring about 20 cm.

Suddenly, towards evening, my daughter called from the living room that the Wonder was happening…an about 25cm large flower was unfolding.

I cut the corners short – meeting the flower from behind it looked like a star or a rocket…I was totally mesmerized by it and could not leave the room but for my cameras.

The lovely scent filled every corner, every tiny space of the room, and the two of us were both sinking into a trance…

…I simply had to catch this moment…tried the flash…but no…

It had to be natural…and from every thinkable angle. True beauty – I could not breathe.


…another world

We stayed with her through her best, 2-3 hours, but went to bed when she started to fade and lay back her petals.

This morning – she was gone.

So grateful for this moment we had together. Nature is magnificent in all her splendour.


27 reaktioner på ”Nattens Prinsessa – The Princess of the Night

  1. Wonderfull post Sue so pleased you caught it’s moment of splendour.
    Reminds me of Robbie Burns words,
    ‘ But pleasures are like poppies spread.
    You seize the flower the bloom is shed.
    And like the snow flake on the river one moment here then gone for ever.’🙏🐨😎

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