Hoho – It’s me!

Meet Hoho – the stray cat who adopted two elderly humans and …

…I hear you…

So…, did you say something? Yes, I live here…mostly under the house. And I will find you whenever you come visiting…

I get food from you, gentle people, as well…you put it under the house for me. I stay here through wintertime too. So grateful I found you – and I adore these soft cushions you put in the sofa when you visit me!

Why Hoho, then? Well, that is what humans in this country say when they call out to someone they cannot see…Hoho, are you there?


8 comments on “Hoho – It’s me!

Halva verket är läsarens - så, vad säger Du? As the second half is the reader's - I'd love to have Your line!

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