# 317 Trotjänare – Faithful Old Servant (260/365)

Jag har varit en ung flickas trotjänare genom gymnasiet, över två universitet och även jorden runt. När hon arbetade som volontär på Nya Zeeland stod jag troget vid hennes sida och för kommunikationen – vilket var mycket värdefullt för hennes mamma och pappa , och säkert för henne själv också. Vi höll ihop i vått och torrt och tack vare att vi hade varandra klarade hon av att leva därute i bushen. Nu har jag många år på nacken och börjar bli lite… sliten, så där borta i ljuset någonstans…ligger väl evigheten…Men, såsom varande trotjänare hänger man ju i så länge det finns tangenter och batteri!

I have been serving this young woman through high school and two universities – and around the world as well. When she worked as a volunteer in New Zealand I was the one who stood by her side and helped her keeping up communication with her parents. Now I’m getting old and tired – but will try to hang on for some years yet…we still need each other, Emma and me!

9 comments on “# 317 Trotjänare – Faithful Old Servant (260/365)

      • Unfortunately I do…but sometimes I hope there would be a major breakdown – just to see how long mankind would last without them!

      • I often wonder how long we’d last without them. Have you seen the TV shows about people going off the grid and giving up their technological gadgets? We’re definitely struggling (as a society) of how to successfully integrate technology in our lives without it overwhelming us. I think it is driving people in some cases, instead of us driving it!

      • True. We are developing massive problems with reading and maths in school – the latest observations say it’s much due to overconsumation of IT-technology. Not only do people use the devices too much, but they forget how to read and write. Mostly texts more than two or three pages…and I wonder how those students will manage university when they hardly manage high school tests. I get many angry looks when I give tests on more than 50 pages – and that’s what they should have managed before thy come to high school. 100 pages are maximum for my tests, but they either faint or die when I tell them…At uni they will have thousands of pages for every big exam.

      • I have taught English in college and it’s a problem for some kids to express their ideas in writing. Forget organization and punctuation too! A real challenge–both to teach them and for them to learn at that point.

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