Horses and jousting – A Family Show by Our Swedish Champions

15 reaktioner på ”Horses and jousting – A Family Show by Our Swedish Champions

  1. Underbara bilder, gillade verkligen de svartvita. Blicken som du fångat hos hästen är helt fantastisk. Det är verkligen så roligt med tournéspel. Och mycket att ta foton av. Härligt inlägg.

  2. Hi, this is beautiful. We see the same type of fair in our country. More and more. And the fact that we are on the new world 🙂 we don’t have castles and remains of the past. But still people are interested and are passionate.

    • Interesting. but the romantic touch is important! The times of chivalry and brave men fighting…I love it too. When we have the big games they are held at castles or old mansions, ruined churches or the like of it…that of course adds to the feeling. I believe Alexandre Dumas & Co will live on…in books and movies – and in reality! there will always be a need for escaping reality.

  3. Wow, amazing images … the horse running against you … and the last one with the helmet. I read about this event coming up on our Pågatåg. Fanastic images … what a brilliant gallery .. and I like that you have mixed color and sepia images. Vinslöv 12 points. From the edge of my beg. Thanks for a lovely day.

    • Thanks for a very lovely day, Viveka! We were so lucky with the weather and everything. My photos from today are a bit blurry, but some are ”possible” to use.
      Safe travels to Berlin!

      • Yes, we had a great day … is right amount of everyting … maybe a little more puppies *smie I haven’t checked my images yet, but this evening. I’m sure we both have images enough for a post. A great chance for Lightroom to show what it’s able to do. Thanks again, A-C!

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