Photo book on The Garden of My Dreams

This summer I had the opportunity of visiting and taking photos in the most beautiful garden – the garden of my dreams. The owners, Kerstin and Kjell-Arne, have travelled the world to collect many rare species, and are always working hard on their dream.

I cannot say how much I appreciate being given this opportunity – and all the chats about the forest and its inhabitants whenever we see each other. Be it hiking or a short visit in their garden.

This year, their work was more abundantly rewarded than ever. So they said, and I believe them. They know everything about plants and different species and Kjell-Arne is also an ornithologist with many years’ experience.You who follow my blog might also remember him as – ”the little man”/”den lille mannen”.

Please click the link to see the photo book on this magnificent garden!

16 reaktioner på ”Photo book on The Garden of My Dreams

  1. Vilken underbar bok. Bläddrade igenom hela i långsam takt och njöt av dina foton. Du hann krypa en del den dagen 😉 Tack för att du samtidigt lärde mig en del blomnamn. (ps. Kanske är det så att några som är ovana vid photobox gränssnitt kanske inte hittar/förstår svenska texten “hitta bildspel” och inte får igång boktittningen? Den fungerar fint från pc i alla fall).

  2. Wow, this looks like a dream in deed! For et flott bilde. I opened the link and saw the text: Drömmarnas Trädgård – Denna fotoprodukt delas av Ann-Christine Påhlson
    but I saw no book, no images. Could this be a problem with Safari, I wonder?
    Ha en fin helg, Ann Christie!
    Dina x

    • Oh…don’t know. I was rather alarmed when I tried on my phone and pad, because that did not work. I have to go via the blog. So sorry! I cannot help you! Thank you for trying. Have a great Sunday!

  3. I’ve seen the photo book, how gorgeous!! Wonderful they were able to create such a beautiful garden. You captured it very well. I like the one of the couple very much too. But gee, how much work is maintaining a garden like this…?!!

    • I do love those two…so humble and lovely. Their letter about the garden is so sweet – I asked them to write about how it came to be and about the travels over the world and the variety of plants…and this short summary is what they sent me. In Sweden we have a saying about being humble, that you should never talk about yourself and never show pride in your work. Others are always better or not interested. This time I knew their letter would look like this…So sweet.
      Unfortunately they are in their 80’s now and will not be able to keep their garden much longer. None of their children will be keeping it…

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