The Botanical garden in Madrid – again

I often visit the botanical garden in Madrid – in fact it is almost once a year nowadays. Come walk with me in this fragrant spring evening!

Callistemon – a favourite of mine. I once brought one home from Nepal, many years ago, but it died during one of my travels. Not easy for my mother to take care of…

You don’t necessarily need flowers to see the beauty.

The tiniest ones are enough too…

Allium is truly irresistable. Beautifully displayed against a dark background.

Yellow and red is wild and enigmatic together in this Caesalpinia Gilliesii.

This little one had no name – but glowed in the shadows.

…together with Yellow fire…

Lovely ”needles” everywhere.

The tiniest – allium and others.

And more. White poppies and Callistemon in all their glory.


22 comments on “The Botanical garden in Madrid – again

      • Tack. Allium räcker fint. Ja, jag arbetade först på reklambyrå i Sydney och sedan som assistent åt en kappseglingsfotograf i Fremantle. När jag kom hem var jag inställd på att emigrera till F men livets vägar ändrades …. long story. Trivdes alltså väldigt bra i Australien och växte mycket som människa, var nog det året jag blev vuxen fullt ut 🙂

      • Det brukar vara så – man växer när man är långt hemifrån och måste klara allt själv. Vilket intressant liv! Hoppas du trivs bra hos oss i Sverige också.

  1. The Callistemon is very common and so many varieties grown over here, I love them. What a beautiful gallery of flowers you have shared with us.

    • Thank you so much, pommepal! You have many varieties you say? It would be interesting to see some varieties, Here they are only like these ones on the photo.

      • They have all shades of red and pink, even white varieties as well as all sizes from ground cover through bushes to large trees and are natives of Australia.

      • Interesting. I picked a twig in the Himalayas on a hike in the mountains where they grew wild. I only saw pink ones – and the bush variety.

  2. Amazing photos. They so beautiful. The little blue flower we also call it ”blou blommetjie”(blue flower) because we never knew the name. They were in my sisters garden

  3. Där hade kag kunnat ströva omkring länge. Många underbara blommor att vila ögonen på. Jättefina bilder. Min favorit är de vita ”poppies” blommorna. Vad de nu heter på svenska?

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