Travel theme: Trees

For Ailsa I want to send some of my favourite trees – at least photos taken of them. So travelling means in Sweden this time. Starting with their helping us with mindfulness – my mother and my two dogs under the great beech tree in our forest, Spring 2011.

Trees – we cannot live without them. There are many reasons to why I love trees, and here are only some of them. I hope you agree with me – they are as wonderful as they are essential. I love them…


27 comments on “Travel theme: Trees

  1. Just the green colour, so soothing to the eyes and many times the background of the blue sky, it looks fascinating to watch…the close view of tree is so good.

  2. Anyone who doesn’t love trees is some sort of monster ! This gallery is wonderful, Ann Christine ! – thank you for it. 🙂

  3. Amazing shots of the trees, Leya. And I love your captions that go with them – it’s like you’re describing your feelings as you took these shots. Trees are indeed inspirting – standing tall and strong while bearing the brunt of mother nature. Great eye, great captures 🙂

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