Vårpromenad i Magle – Spring walk in Magle Wetlands

Idag har varit den varmaste dagen i år hos oss – 23 grader C visade vår termometer i eftermiddag. Hundpromenaden förlades till Magle våtmark.

Today was the warmest day so far this year – 23 degrees C. The dog walk had to be at Magle wetlands.

En solig promenad med ljumma vindar – både vi och fåglarna trivdes alldeles utmärkt.

More than me and Totti were out walking today…

Färgerna är fortfarande bleka, men vårljusa och harmoniska.

The colours are still pale, but ”springy” in harmony.

Grågässen hade parkerat mitt på gångstigen, men lyfte snyggt så att vi kunde passera. Ingen reaktion på hunden alls.

The greylag geese had parked in the middle of the path, but soared lightly away when we passed.

Kanadagässen betraktade oss uppmärksamt på avstånd. Inte min förtjusning dessa gäster, men ganska vackra att se på. Smutsar dock ner kolossalt.

The Canadians (!) watched us attentively from a distance. Not my favourites these, but rather beautiful birds to look at. Unfortunately they leave so much of unpleasant things on the paths and close to the water.

Denna praktfulla padda stelnade i steget och lät mig fotografera från flera håll. När jag var klar klev han lugnt vidare över gången mot vattnet.

This beauty froze in this position for minutes – for me to photograph him, surely. And,  when I was finished, he slowly crawled down to the water. Maybe I should have given him a kiss?

A gallery from the rest of the walk! No swans today – they are always here in the early morning, but not now.

21 reaktioner på ”Vårpromenad i Magle – Spring walk in Magle Wetlands

  1. Somewhere along the line, I lost my ‘avid photographer’ ways – – Nowadays, I’m too busy drinking in the wonder and storing it in my memory – thinking about how what I observed might have come to be – get home – and think, ”I’ll blog about it” and then, slap my forehead and think , ”duh! no pictures taken!” – – LOL I’m so glad there are so many talented photographers here in the community – it is much appreciated by the camera impaired! LOL

  2. You’ve hit on what I’d call a kind of ‘magic moment’ gallery – or in this case, a good few magic moments ! 🙂 It’s that middle kind of time, eh, Ann Christine ? – as you say, the colours are still pale. It’s all wonderful.

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