Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Colorful Monotones

Colorful monotones for Cee…but they still are a bit of pastell now in Spring! For more colours, click here.

14 reaktioner på ”Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Colorful Monotones

    • A blossom canopy – yes – when I was a child I used to lie under that canopy at my grandparents’. Their garden had plum trees, apple trees, cherry trees and pear trees. A dream for me to lie in the high grass, looking up in the sky of flowers. How I miss all this…the house was sold when they died and I can barely walk by there, looking at how that wonderful garden has fallen apart. Nobody cares for the trees and the house has been rebuilt as a big, ugly modern thing. I avoid going there. My heart aches and that empty black hole I fell into when my grandmother died opens up again. Aching. Hurting.

      • That’s so hard when that happens Ann-Christine. I have similar feelings when I pass by my grandmother’s place that is no more. Wouldn’t it be lovely if people could adapt to a property rather than impose themselves upon it?

      • That would be a dream. But, very seldom people do…they seem to want to change it immediately. Never listening to what the house and grounds have to tell them …never listening to the whispers in the rooms.

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