The Sun and the Moon

They say we will not see an eclipse like this for 24 years from now – so, I went out in my garden, hoping for a glimpse. Totally overcast. But, for less than 5 minutes the clouds opened up to let me see the phenomenon.

Partiell solförmörkelse 09.45-10.45 014


30 comments on “The Sun and the Moon

  1. Så tydligt det syns!
    Vi fick titta genom ett svart negativ för att se.
    Hela folktandvårdens personal stod i fikarummets fönster med varsitt negativ och tittade 🙂

    • Thank you – but I didn’t get any shot at the almost total eclipse some minutes later…then the sky was overcast. But I’m happy with this one though!

  2. Beautiful capture, Leya. The image looks smoky, almost like a painting. You certainly made the right choice to go out and take a shot…good things come to those who go for them 🙂 It’s actually a very nice crescent, rounded, shadowed and you can see the moon shining itself. Just lovely and well done.

    • Mabel, I’m very lucky because the whole southern part of Sweden is rainy today. i went inside to get my better camera – but that minute we lost it – the rain was over us too.

  3. Anche io ho fatto foto all’eclissi, spero siano venute bene, anche perché non c’erano nuvole, il cielo era bello limpido. Mah, vedremo.
    La tua mi piace molto.
    Ciao, Patrizia

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