# 159 Kupol – Dome (113/365)

En kupol i Lund, naturligtvis! In Lund of course!

6 comments on “# 159 Kupol – Dome (113/365)

  1. Last night I was watching a house hunting show and they were looking in Lund… I was surprised at the apparent cost of houses there but a beautiful place in the world from what I could see. I’ve always loved sweden for the color and beauty. xx

    • What is a house hunting show? People wanting to buy a house somewhere? Lund is very beautiful – small town really, but lovely old houses. The University is one of northern Europe’s oldest and most prestigious universities, consistently ranking among the world’s top 100 universities. Lund was built/founded in 1666, so it is very old.

      • It’s a show where people are looking for a house to buy. It’s called ”house hunters” , haha. I like the international version but there’s a US version as well. 🙂 Truly, you aren”t missing much!

        Wow, a very old city!!

      • In fact I very seldom watch TV or shows. It’s mostly nature programs and the news. But the news are almost always depressing…Tonight we saw Arthur, the street dog who followed one of our sports teams in the World Shampionships in South America last year. He even swam with their canoes. One of the team members decided that Arthur was worthy of a better life, so now he is in Sweden! Lovely story and wonderful dog!

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