Travel Theme: Fantastic

There are many fantastic writers and authors, and now one of them, Sir Terry Pratchett, has left us – at least for a while…

If you look up the word ”fantastic” in a dictionary, it says ”wild and strange; grotesque; absurd; marvellous; wonderful.” What am I to do about such a theme?

I will pick three shots – trying to picture the definitions. All of them from New Zealand, the land of wonders.

From Weta Cave, Welliwood,  and all its fantastic gear – unfortunately I never noted down who this is…

And fantastic Milford Sound – even more beautiful than Norway.

For more of Fantastic – visit Ailsa’s here.

20 comments on “Travel Theme: Fantastic

  1. Lovely images and a great take on the challenge, Ann Christine. There’re so many gorgeous places outside Norway, not to believe… 😉

  2. I think you should go to Milford, Scrapydo2! It is not too far…. and Ann-Christine: If you do go back , you will have to stop in at my part of the world on the way home! ( and I still will argue Norway is better, but then I am a bit biased!!) Great photos.

    • I’m biased too…NZ was such an adventure! Norway is so close – and always beautiful!
      Yes – I will stop over if possible!

  3. Fantastic to the n’th degree Ann Christine 🙂 I wish we had been able to spend some time there .
    What a sight !

    • Milford is Magnificent! Your country is blessed with so much beauty. But nature also brings fear and violence – and you have suffered from it, I know. We are only so small and insignificant, we humans.

      • I have only been to Milford once. It was raining heavily but it was still magnificent. I didn’t much care for the sandflies though!

      • There were big signs about them – but we didn’t see any. We were so lucky – knowing we only had ONE day there. And it was a sunny, beautiful day! I’m not usually that lucky…

  4. Do you really feel that Milford sounds is more majestic? I better save some money to visit it because they say it is unbelievable beautiful These specialphotos are extra

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