Travel Theme: Environment

Environment – Nature…was here first. Long before us. Here some photos from the exhibition I visited two weeks ago. Helene Schmitz, Dunkers, Helsingborg.

For more environment – go to Ailsa’s here.


20 comments on “Travel Theme: Environment

    • It is an old cotton mill building. She photographed all these kudzu project pictures in Alabama and one more state in America. The kudzu plant was given to the Americans somewhere in the 19th century as a gift from Japan. The plant was a real invader – kills everything in its surroundings, grows 30cm /24 hours…

      I just read that you are up to something again…I will read it more closely when I have slept on it…A woman of constant surprise you are!

  1. Wow. I clicked through on the Helene Schmitz link you provided and there are some completely enthralling photographs there. I particularly liked the ”living room” category. Thank you.

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