Travel Theme: Energy

Energi – Energy, almost the same word in both languages. And from the people of Tibet in the Himalayas, I send pictures for Ailsa’s theme, showing some of their most useful energy sources.

The sun, the water and the dung.

Kina och Tibet 2009 373_copyWarming water in a simple way, using the strong mountain sun.

This little water works is for digging the yellow clay to make incense.

A rather rich house, having a real stove outdoors.

Need some more energy? Click here.

21 reaktioner på ”Travel Theme: Energy

  1. It is always very levelling seeing how ingenious third world countries are at completing tasks for which we have a myriad of appliances and gadgets. Great photos. Thanks for posting these. I would love a photo from Tibet for my Monday Mystery Photo challenge, if you would like to be a guest contributor?

      • Each Monday I post a mystery photo on my blog and invite everyone to guess where it might be. The following week, I link back any correct guesses and also provide a bit more information about the photo. You could submit a photo to me by email, of your choice, or several if you like, and I will post them on a Monday acknowledging you as the contributor. Would you like to do this? I have had a couple of other contribute in this way already. Let me know: my email is Thanks so much!!!

      • I have seen them on your blog, but I am frightfully bad at guessing or remembering…I will gladly send you a photo or two though!
        What kind of photo? Buildings, landscape, anything? Should I send some info about the place to you as well?

      • If you would like to send some info about the place, along with the photography, that would be excellent! I usually like to add some information about the locale, so yes, please, do send anything you feel relevant. As for the photo, it would be great it if is recognizable, something a little more identifiable than a photo of a forest of trees, for example, a known tourist attraction, church, palace, landmark etc. I have posted pics of landscapes, like for example, Thingvellir in Iceland, but that seems to be much harder for the blogger community. It doesn’t have to be really obvious though, like Big Ben in England, for instance. It can be a bit harder. I think the best ones, are the photos that have little clues, in them. like a shop in the corner of the photo with the local language, or a flag. Having said that, this week’s photo, is pretty difficult as it is hard to see distinguishing landmarks, but that is because last week’s was quite easy….I am sure that you will find a few photos from your wonderful stock of images, going by the beautiful images that you post on your blog. Thanks so much for being enthusiastic about participating, Ann-Christine! i appreciate it so much!!

      • Hope you have a lovely weekend and Ann-Christine if you go through your photograph portfolio, they make for an amazing collection. So I stand by my comment – you’ve got the eye!

      • Thank you, Mary – for always being supportive and having that big heart of yours! Whatever our passions are, we try our very best to develop and find new untrodden paths…That is an important part of life.

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